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Time Management Workshop
for all levels

Who will benefit from this course
Every self-employee has a thousand things to do and it is often a big challenge. Here, you will learn how to prioritize tasks, how to set clear goals, control your time and keep up with market needs. You will learn how to balance your work and life to be always focused and highly effective.
Business owners
For business owners achieving results in time is THE priority. Most of the businesses lake behind their goals. In the course, you & your team will learn how to set clear tasks, how to deal with big strategies that are time-consuming and accomplishing your goals on time.
Most of students are late! They are behind their study schedule and start their preparation for the exam too late. In this course, you will learn how to be always ahead your deadlines and also enjoy your student life for 100% ; ) You will learn how to think in the future and be always prepared.
What skills are we going to form?
  • Increase control over your time
    There are two types of people: who control their time and who are controlled by time.
  • Gain knowledge in self-motivation field
    One of the core columns of good Time Management is self-motivational attitude.
  • Learn prioritize your tasks
    You will learn several ways of task prioritization for different life/work circumstances.
  • Boost your self-confidence and life satisfaction
    Good Time Managment is strongly related to life satisfaction.
  • Different approaches to task solving
    There are different types of task. Each of a type needs a different approach to solve it effectively.
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8 hours training
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One individual consultation

A Great control over your time gives a Great control over your life. Be the one who is an example, rather than taking examples from others!

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