Light Life ACADEMY

Advanced Presentation Techniques
Online Workshop

Who can take part?
PhD Students
Young Professionals
Meeting: June 26
This workshop is highly interactive.
We will learn theory behind great presentations by practice.
Meeting: July 10
Each participant will give a 15-20 minute presentation.
Each presentation will be analysed by every participant.
Consequently, each participant will be given feedback on what was good and what needs to be improved.
Meeting: July 24
Each participant will give a new 15-20 minute presentation.
We will do the same as in the previous meeting, however on a more sophisticated scale.
Fine tuning.
What are we going to learn?
How to get rid of presentation fear
Goal setting for a presentation
General and detailed structure of a presentation
How to create great PowerPoint Slides
Confident and inteligent body language
Contact with audience
How to engage audience?
Workshop Schedule
Workshop will be held online on Zoom Platform
Saturday, June 26

09:30 - Introduction
10:00 - Interactive Part + Theory, Part 1
11:30 - Break
11:45 - Interactive Part + Theory, Part 2
13:30 - Q&A
Saturday, July 10
09:30 - Participants Presenting
11:30 - Break
11:45 - Participants Presenting
13:00+ - Video Analyses
Saturday, July 24
09:30 - Participants Presenting
11:45 - Break
13:00 - Participants Presenting
13:00+ - Video Analyses
How It Works
Book a Spot
Places are limited up to 8 participants.
First come first serve.
Thus, book your place in advance.
WhatsApp: +49 160 3242714
This is a charity workshop.
We want to help kids from an orphanage to have a little bit better life. Please, spend at least 5 Euros here on the Paypal pool.
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