Light Life ACADEMY

Advanced Presentation Techniques
Online Workshop

Who can take part?
PhD Students
Young Professionals
Meeting: June 26
This workshop is highly interactive.
We will learn theory behind great presentations by practice.
Meeting: July 10
Each participant will give a 15-20 minute presentation.
Each presentation will be analysed by every participant.
Consequently, each participant will be given feedback on what was good and what needs to be improved.
Meeting: July 24
Each participant will give a new 15-20 minute presentation.
We will do the same as in the previous meeting, however on a more sophisticated scale.
Fine tuning.
What are we going to learn?
  • How to get rid of presentation fear
  • Goal setting for a presentation
  • General and detailed structure of a presentation
  • How to create great PowerPoint Slides
  • Confident and inteligent body language
  • Contact with audience
  • How to engage audience?
Workshop Schedule
Workshop will be held online on Zoom Platform
Saturday, June 26

09:30 - Introduction
10:00 - Interactive Part + Theory, Part 1
11:30 - Break
11:45 - Interactive Part + Theory, Part 2
13:30 - Q&A
Saturday, July 10
09:30 - Participants Presenting
11:30 - Break
11:45 - Participants Presenting
13:00+ - Video Analyses
Saturday, July 24
09:30 - Participants Presenting
11:45 - Break
13:00 - Participants Presenting
13:00+ - Video Analyses
How It Works
Book a Spot
Places are limited up to 8 participants.
First come first serve.
Thus, book your place in advance.
WhatsApp: +49 160 3242714
This is a charity workshop.
We want to help kids from an orphanage to have a little bit better life. Please, spend at least 5 Euros here on the Paypal pool.
Website and Instagram of the orphanage:
You are all set
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