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Time Management
Online Workshop

What skills are we going to develop?
  • Increase control over your time
    There are two types of people: who control their time and who are controlled by time.
  • Embrace a self-motivated lifestyle
    One of the core principles of good Time Management is being self-motivated.
  • Learn how to prioritize tasks
    You will learn several ways of task prioritization for different life/work circumstances.
  • Boost your self-confidence and life satisfaction
    Good Time Managment is strongly related to life satisfaction.
  • Master powerful approaches to task solving
    There are different types of tasks. Each task needs a different approach to solve it effectively.
Workshop Schedule
Workshop will be held online on Zoom Platform
Saturday, September 18
(GMT-4 - Boston Time)

09:30 - Introduction
10:00 - Warming up & Basics
10:15 - Filtering Theory
10:30 - Up-Down-Down-Up Principle
11:00 - Break
11:15 - Golden Rules of Time Management
11:30 - 10-90 Method and 5 Second Rule
12:00 - Psychology of Time Management
12:30 - Getting Rid of Procrastination
12:45 - Break
13:00 - Philosophy of Time Management
14:00 - Discussion and Summary
14:30 - The End
How It Works
Places are limited
Places are limited up to 12 participants.
First come first serve.
Thus, book your place in advance.

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