For demonstrability to give you an idea of my professional interest I use the figure provided below, the figure is adapted from the fMRI online course of Johns Hopkins University and modified.
My main research interests lay between three big disciplines of Social Science, Health Sciences and Neuroscience. I am interested in human interaction and mechanisms underlaying it. For the interaction, we use cognitive functions like attention, memory, working memory, decision making, etc, and from the other side our emotions. I believe when we understand and master these two, our social life will become much better.

At the same, time I trust that the best way to understand working mechanisms of our brain is to investigate extremities and extraordinary phenomena. Luckily, there exist people who master their mind and can do unbelievable things to their cognition, emotions and generally with their body. Thus, my research interests also comprise Spiritual Neuroscience and Meditational Neuroscience.