How would you use your time most meaningfully?
It will happen only when you will design your life the way you want it. The book "Look Into Your Life From The Outside" is guide to help you in this
What does this book cover?
- Practical exercises to dive deep in our mind.
- Psychology to understand ourselves better.
- Experience from business world to manage our resources properly.
- Philosophical elements to answer tough questions and be ready to tough life phases.
- Ancient wisdom to make our life easier.
- And many more engaging topics.

With dozens of practical exercises, open questions, and additional QR-code-based video materials, this book aims to invite readers to think critically about their lives and reflect on new trajectories their lives could take. Instead of passively reading along, the audience actively participates throughout.

This book separates readers from the noise of media and other strong forces in their surroundings. By the end, they will understand the three pillars of our life motivators: innate values, needs, and wishes - to use them for building their dream life. What is the best way of spending time if not concentrating on things that we value the most?
Who will benefit from this book
Self-employees go through many challanges in life and very often are stuck in their routine. This book will allow them to stop for a second and have a look on their life from the side. Analyze what they might be missing at this point and what the need to add to their life.
Business owners
Business owners similarly to self-employees might be suffering from time or energy deficit. This book spreads light on resourses management and how business owners can shift their mindset to exchange these resources to free their time up.
Students are in the beginning of their life journey, and making clear planning what they want to achieve in life is a framework for great future life. At the same time they will learn couple of motivational techniques and effectivity tips for their studies and future work.
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About Author
Nikoloz Tarielashvili
Nikoloz is a self-development trainer and former researcher at Harvard Medical School. During his master's studies in Germany, he specialized in Neuro-cognitive Psychology. Now he is applying this knowledge in daily life and sharing it with the world. Nikoloz has a degree in Engineering Physics and is a Professional in the IT-Consultancy field.

He lived in five different countries and dived into many different cultures. This broad professional and international journey inspired Nikoloz to become a speaker and start a coaching career. At the moment Nikoloz helps his students to get more productive in their work, studies and private life. With scientifically proven psychological methods and Eastern practical philosophy, he inspires and motivates them to live a more joyful and meaningful life.
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